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Jul 1, 2010

3 Month SIBOR Rate

3 month SIBOR Rate

We present the latest 3 month Sibor rate in today's banking and finance-related post. Note that the 3-month Sibor rate is a published rate that can change daily.

Note that 3 month SIBOR rate Singapore 2010 is meant for your personal information only. You should verify Sibor rate with bank or finance institution especially for your home loan package that is tied to Sibor rate.

You should not use these 3-month Sibor rates Singapore 2010 to calculate your bank mortgage loan payments without checking with your Singapore bank concerned.

Here are the 3-month SIBOR Rate.

3 Month SIBOR Rate (Interest rates in % per annum)

Date | 3-Month Sibor Rate

30 June 2010 = 0.56

3 month SIBOR Rate is the 3-month Singapore Interbank Offered Rate. Sibor interest rates correct as of respective date. 3-month sibor rate interest rates may also change in the future.

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